I recently worked with a company to update the content on their website. One of the areas that needed the most help was client testimonials. Because they act like word-of-mouth advertising, testimonials offer valuable recommendations of your business that motivate potential clients to use your services.

The first thing needed in getting a testimonial is to do great work. Pretty obvious, right? When you do great work, it’s not hard for someone to boast about your services. What is hard is for them to take the time and think about it, then write it out.

When you reach out to your clients to ask for a testimonial, put yourself in their shoes and help them along with the writing part. Whether it’s in an email or a formal letter, guide them along with leading questions about your company, the services you provide, and some telling details that potential clients would like to know.

The Questions

You’re not looking for a page-long review, so the questions should stick to the basics and be simple:

What were the top reasons why you chose our company?

Their answer will tell others what it is that sets your company apart from the competition.

What is your favorite service/feature about our company and why?

This will provide evidence of how your company is different and better than the competition.

How has our company helped you achieve your goals?

If they have financial metrics or other data to share, then this is where it will come out. Their results tell others how your company may help them, too.

What is the single biggest reason to recommend our company?

This question usually brings out the best, most quote worthy material.

Next up: Case Studies

Whether you quote them directly, or weave their testimonial into the content, potential clients will learn more about the great work that you do. Then, once you’ve got your testimonial, you’re ready for a case study. These are more in-depth and require an interview and a lot of wordsmithing. But, they are also a great way to showcase your company.

If you have any questions about testimonials or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss how 613Creative can write case studies for your company, please send us a quick email.