The “About Us” page on your website is critical to building credibility and providing the foundation of how your brand started. This page can be a difficult, often daunting task for anyone that doesn’t like to write. If that’s the case, then here are some tips for writing or updating this important page.

  1. Your visitor’s first impressions of your About Us page is a complete introduction to the company. Begin with writing down who you are, when you started, and where you’re located (city and state only). That’s it. On to #2.
  2. Services and products are what you offer, but this is not the area to explain them in detail. That’s reserved for the Services page. Write down your products and services. If you offer a lot of either, then make categories for them. Try not to go beyond five each.
  3. So far you’ve answered who, when, where, and what. You’re almost done. Next up, answer, “Why you do it?” This may take some time and thought. The best place to start is looking your mission and vision statements. You’ll want to include anything about employees, charity, community and other things that make a positive impression.
  4. Now, write down a brief history of your company. If you have a long and storied history, then take your time and write it all out. You can edit the things that aren’t relevant. This is a great place to start the narrative of your company.
  5. The final step is to bring it all together. It should take you no longer than thirty minutes. Make sure the first sentence has “Who, When, and Where.” For example, “Established in 1981, Target Corporation is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has grown into a major international presence within the retail industry.” From there, you can add your list of services. The description of your services needs to be very brief. Try to focus more on the philosophy of why you are providing these services to the community. Next part is easy. Just insert your writing about why you do what you do. Finish with your company history. You should have no more than three paragraphs.

I believe that consumers are fast readers, skimmers in fact, and if they don’t find what they are looking for, then they will move on. Company history often gets pushed to the top of the about page, but it’s not as relevant as the basic information about the company. The mission and vision are far more important to a consumer than company history.

The “About Us” page should read like a newspaper article. Tell your reader who, what, where, when and why. That’s all. Hit like if you found this helpful, or leave a comment after you went through the exercise.


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