More consumers are looking for more authentic interactions and genuine connections with the products and services in their lives than ever before. It’s a major shift from over a decade ago, when conventional marketing techniques made us feel like we were in on something everybody wanted. Now, corporate messaging needs to be more personal and bigger than what they’re selling.

What’s with all the changes?

Our connection with the online world has become an integral part of our lives. Over the course of our lifetime, the average person will spend over 5 years on social media. This is a close second to watching TV at nearly 8 years of our lives. Not included in these statistics are time spent online, video games, or virtual reality settings (I would include video calling as part of this). The online world has become a major part of our lives, so it forces to search for authentic connections.

Content with Genuine Intentions

Our search for genuine interactions has paved the way for a new cultural movement toward authenticity. Many of us are consciously choosing to buy socially aware brands. We want to feel more like we are part of the things we believe in, rather than owning a label.

Businesses, big and small, need to convey their authenticity in all of their marketing activities. It starts with being truthful and forthright in all of their claims and responses to their critics. There’s no reason to point out flaws or failures, just remember to hold yourself accountable when they do occur.

How Can Your Writing Be Authentic?

The best place you can start to build authentic content is with your mission and vision statements. Writing about what you see as the future of your business allows your customers a glimpse into how you feel about your products and services. It will also let them see how you have an impact their community. The best place for this is your website’s blog, press releases, or “In The News!” features.Story chalkboard 400x250.jpg

People are drawn to stories. A narrative about your business will bring them on a journey. This starts with sights, sounds and motion. Any good story will include conflict and how you overcame it. These problems and solutions are anecdotes others can relate to. Plus, they exhibit your skills and experience.

Need a Little Help?

It’s not easy to write a story about your company or figuring out how to write about your mission and goals. Best thing to do is to sit down with a professional writer and brainstorm how it will work. Recently, I’ve been working with one of my favorite clients, Pinstripe Marketing, on a series of authentic stories. The latest one really rings true to their personal and professional beliefs. Plus, it’s so much fun to see it on the page.

Building authentic content takes time and a well-planned strategy. Contact me if you’d like to learn more about building a company narrative and more authentic content for your website, so you can capture more attention with today’s consumers.