There are many gifted writers available for businesses to take advantage of their talents. But, there are only 280 thousand of us, which is fewer than the 1.25 million accountants and 1.34 million lawyers in the United States. So that makes finding a qualified writer for your business or book a little difficult. Thankfully, we’re writers, so you’ll find a lot of us online.

Once you do find us, you will quickly learn how different we are in skill sets and experience. This is a great thing for those of you looking for help, because there will be someone out there that is a great match for your needs.

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The dreaded blank page!

How Do You Know When You Need a Writer?

Some people just don’t like to write or know they need help right away. They already know that they need a writer. In general, most of us had good teachers, so we can write well enough to fill a couple paragraphs. This means that we can maintain a blog or social media posts with some frequency. Yet, there may still be a need for a writer to help with a variety of projects.

Here are 10 signs when you should hire a writer:

  1. An important project involving content has been on hold or in stasis for too long.
  2. You don’t have the time to write for your company.
  3. You want a more professional look and feel for your marketing materials—free from grammatical errors and confusing messages.
  4. Facebook Live is good, but a scripted video is more professional and representative of your brand.
  5. A writer can help with creating sales presentations.
  6. You want to write a book about your personal or professional experience, or you need help with the book you are writing.
  7. Boosting a company’s website search results, search engine optimization (SEO) comes from relevant content.
  8. If you don’t like what you write, it’s a good sign that your audience won’t like it either. You should get a writer to help you.
  9. You don’t know what to write about. We are full of ideas, just ask.
  10. Branding narratives are very important for marketing, today. Some writers can create narratives using advanced story-telling techniques that will grab your audience’s attention.

A good example of a more subtle situation comes from being a good writer. Let’s say you’re a strong writer, and working on a book length project. Just about the time you’re nearing the end, you have a sense that something is wrong; you feel great after reading it, but you and your friends, who have read these first drafts, had a lot of questions about or simply failed to give you any critical feedback. It’s a good chance that you need a writer to consult with on your project.

Different Writers for Every Project

Book length projects (50+ pages) are very different from 300-word blogs. Both require different skill sets to organize and create them. Plus there’s a difference between editors and writers. Some editors can be writers and some writers can be editors, but not everyone is both. I encourage you to take a look at their body of work and see if it fits your project.

This is the first in a series on professional writing services. Please “Like” or leave a comment and contact 613 if you have a project in mind.