Every organization relies on good writing to get them in front of the right people at the right time. If you’re looking for a writing service, but aren’t sure what you need. This list of writing services describes what you’re looking for and what to look for in a writer.

Marketing (Print) – Need a slogan, brochure, postcard or signage? These require a specific knowledge of fitting words into finite spaces. Included in this mix are sales slicks and case studies. This is an area where hiring a professional writer can also complement your in-house marketing staff.

Websites – Consumers use the internet more than any other resource to do their research. Your company’s website content needs to be compelling and fit the brand like a glove. Look for an experienced writer who can understand your customer’s needs, rather than simply regurgitating a list of your services features and benefits. They should also complement the site design to capture more attention.

Blog & Articles – These are two similar activities that are extremely important for any business looking for search engine optimization (SEO). Blogs are short form articles, often filled with anecdotes and fun facts. Articles are longer and more in depth, using primary and secondary research to support facts and assertions. You won’t need a subject expert to write these. Just look for someone who is reliable with deadlines and always full of ideas.

Public Relations – This includes press releases, media kits, crisis communications and a knowledge of media channels for distribution. Many reporters have transitioned into this role and that’s a great thing, because they have an insider’s view on what works and what doesn’t when capturing media attention.

Presentations & Speeches – Whatever the choice of presentation software, you’ll need a writer to help you discern what to say and when to say it. This also rings true of speeches. The goal of every speech is to motivate the listener to go further into the sales funnel, or vote for the candidate in November. Whatever the goal, these take a trained eye to balance the nuance between written and spoken words.

Video Scripts – The best way to capture almost everyone’s attention is to tell a story using video. This process starts with the writer who can develop a story board, leaving the direction and pacing to the videographer. Writing a story isn’t easy to do, especially when you only have 30 seconds.

Ghostwriting – For print and e-books, a ghostwriter can help you get your expertise on the page in an attractive and informative way. It’s best to hire someone with experience in your field or able to provide as much insight into your project as possible. They can fill the gaps and build a sense of drama into your project. This will ensure that your book is entertaining and contains your best qualities on the page.adult-beautiful-caucasian- square 400

Grant Writing – The grant writer is integral to the success of non-profits across the United States. They can also help some not-for-profits with missions that help their community be a better place to live. Look for a writer with certification in this research heavy field, or lots of experience winning grants. Otherwise, you may be taking a chance and lose out on funding.

White Papers – Usually relegated to experts, a writer can take their information and put it in a more digestible form. The style and size of white papers vary with their audiences. A professional writer will be able to discern who the audience is and how they will want to read it.

Mission & Vision Statements – A company’s mission and vision statement are usually done by business consultants, but they don’t have to be. A professional writer is just as capable and may be much more creative. This isn’t an easy process, so allow for a lot of time for the writer to dig deep and really learn more about your business and what you believe in, as well as your plans for the future.

Annual Reports – Often left to the CFO to write along with others in the finance department, but they aren’t writers. The annual report is a very important document for company stakeholders. The wording needs to be precise and all facts and figures backed by data. Much of what goes into an annual report lacks flair, but that doesn’t have to be the case. A writer with talent can promote the company to potential investors, while giving facts and figures.

Hiring a professional writer will help your company or organization by giving it a more professional look and feel through its marketing materials, reports and presentations. There are a lot of writers, like me, who are capable of doing many of the projects on this list. All you need to do is reach out and let them know what you need and what their going rate is.

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