Writing takes more than talent and creativity. Professional writers put a lot of hard work and years of study into their craft. There can become a valuable asset to your marketing team.

When hiring a professional business writer, you get more than someone churning out a blog or press releases. You get an experienced Word Nerd who thinks deeply about your audience, what will reach them, and the proper message to get across. Typically, they can offer direction on media planning and have an excellent understanding of SEO. Many also have experience working in marketing departments, which means you can use it to your advantage.

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One thing you probably don’t realize is that professional writers can hit the ground running. They need little guidance beyond a thorough meeting at the start of the project. And don’t forget that deadlines are really important to us.

We are self-starters, which contributes to our ability to learn and write about new ideas, concepts and products. We have learned our craft, much the same as a graphic designer or videographer, so there’s no learning curve to overcome when completing your projects.

Save Time and Energy

A writer can free up time, so your employees can concentrate on what they need to do and not spend more time than necessary on writing a blog or white paper. Take it from me, most of the content related to marketing activities can take hours, sometimes days.

There’s also the simple fact that a person who doesn’t write frequently, won’t be able to write well or quickly. An outside writer is a master in the art of persuasion. They know how to convert leads. Attention to detail from a writer gives your company more professional appeal. It says, “You can trust us!”

Per Project Basis

You can hire an outside writer on a per project basis, bringing them on board to see if they are a good fit. If they are, then you can have them work on a wide range of projects, or just one. This flexibility allows you to gain marketing support without hiring another full-time person. Plus, they work remotely, but can make themselves available for high level meetings.

A writer’s creativity is a special asset to your team, especially an outside one who brings fresh perspectives and different ways to capture more attention. They have a lot of ideas, so don’t be shy to ask about them. Remember, they want to be an advocate for your business, because they care about what they write. You should stay away from anyone that might tarnish your brand’s authenticity.