Brands have had to search for new ways to reach their potential customers, then they have to convert them. That’s where content marketing strategies matters. It’s an integral part of your inbound marketing campaign.

Inbound Marketing’s Purpose

With all of the ways to engage with customers, inbound marketing is focused entirely on sales. This means that well defined goals for inbound marketing campaigns lead potential or returning customers toward a purchase through the sales funnel. The success of these goals depends upon the choice of platforms and distribution of messages that address each pain-point along the customer’s journey.

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Activities That Capture Attention

Inbound marketing activities are geared toward capturing attention through building awareness and developing relationships. It’s all about generating those precious leads.

A lot of data is needed for any inbound campaign to be successful. Also, the company’s brand has to be established prior to going forward with anything that may cause confusion or skew the customer’s experience. So, when designing an inbound campaign, all of the marketing activities need to work together, not acting as stand-alone ads. Here is a list of some of the more common inbound marketing activities:

  • Know your audience through demographics and surveys.
  • Social media outreach that includes responding to customer comments.
  • Website updates with landing pages specifically geared to the campaign.
  • Blogs and articles to deliver meaningful content.
  • Direct mail to current clients to promote brand awareness and continued loyalty.
  • Instore and online events to engage directly with customers.

Light Bulbs 400x260Authentic Content

Content is the key to a great inbound campaign. Generic content will fail. Plus, the message has to change for each platform or else it will get lost in all the noise consumers experience on a daily basis.

In order to stay away from the generic, focus on what your audience likes to do. This will give you a theme to follow. Just make sure it’s a believable tie in to your products and services. Bringing together things that don’t mix, like oil and water, will appear inauthentic and make them suspicious. Stay away from incredible claims that you can’t back up, or else your messaging might become a dumpster fire all over social media. This also includes putting too much information out there at once. People will skip right over it.

Building Awareness

Your messaging needs to have a high rate of retention, so be concise and have fun. Inbound marketing is about showing value, not features and benefits. When you formulate your strategy, always keep in mind that you are building a following, which leads to customer loyalty.