In May of this year, I reached a milestone—three years in business. Throughout those years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great people on a wide range of projects. Not every writer can say that, so I consider myself fortunate.

List of Projects

As a writer and consultant, I have also worked with individuals on a variety of projects. These range from long format works, such as book-length publications, to short descriptions and blurbs that entice readers to learn more. For those of you who like to scan things quickly, I’ve divided the list into two categories: Businesses and Individuals.


Content Strategies

Blog Posts

Sales Presentations

Content Management


Sales Slicks


Case Studies

Social Media Campaigns

Video Scripts


Media Relations

Corporate Branding

Press Releases

Website Updates (WordPress)

Corporate Renaming


Mission and Vision Statement

Corporate Communications


Content Libraries

Pitch Decks


App Development (Non-Coding)

Email Campaigns

Manuals (Public Relations)

Copywriting Overflow

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Organic Search



Dissertation Consultant

Writing Coach

Wikipedia Pages

APA Editing

Book-Length Editing

Social Media

Peer-Review Journal Articles


Marketing Consulting


Looking Forward

What’s will the next three years bring for 613Creative? This list has shown me that 613 provides more than just content strategies for businesses. So, it only makes sense to change the 613Creative tagline from “Brand Messaging / Content Strategies” to “Professional Writing Services.”

Offering professional writing services is the best way to describe it. I understand more than just the basics of writing. And, I want to continue to collaborate on more interesting projects that cover a range of topics.