by Michael Premo, Writer

Charitable organizations need our help, now more than ever.

Recently, I sponsored a hole for the Saginaw West Lion’s Club golf tournament. Now, in its twentieth year, the tournament is a major fundraiser and get-together for this small club. Even though I moved away from Saginaw in 1992, I still try to support my hometown in any way possible.

Today, the Lion’s Club supports their community through a range of services for the blind and vision impaired. They have also expanded their reach through supporting other health and well-being services, such as diabetes and childhood cancer.

Unfortunately, charitable giving and volunteering are declining. The amount of small donations and donors have begun to drop. Charitable giving is changing—evolving into a broader spectrum of possibilities. This may be hurting the charities that have a direct impact on our communities.

Many years ago, I was in the Rotary. This was shortly after college and I was almost thirty. It is a well-run organization and fun. Yes, it was fun, even though I was the youngest member, who was sponsored by a neighbor and close friend. I’ll never forget the experience and the good we did for our small community.

As a small business, I don’t have enough resources or the time to be a part of a member organization. But I do know how to support them when I can.

Many of the companies I work with have done some great things in our community. St. Petersburg is lucky to have companies that still care about giving back through their valuable resources.

During this summer, I urge everyone to think about the issues in your community that matter. Then, find out who is doing the most good to support the people in need. They are the ones that deserve your attention, because their budgets are small enough already and a 4% drop in giving can be very significant.