by Michael Premo

Quality B2B digital content will show your potential clients the value you bring to the table. They expect it to be online, or they will move on to your competition. So, keep reading if you’re wondering what is meant by quality.

Typically, the buyer’s journey encounters three stages of engagement: awareness, consideration, and decision. Your digital content should cover all three:

  • Awareness – Your experience and industry knowledge makes you an expert. Show it through more than just your blog. Ever consider an eBook? How about whitepapers? Displaying your research is one way to show credibility, as well as expertise. Another great thing to do is educate potential customers on a topic that will help them be more productive at work.
  • Consideration – So far, they like what they’ve seen of your company. Now it’s time for lead nurturing and why you’re better than the competition. This is a perfect time to let them see other clients of yours, who have successfully used your services. Spotlight stories will engage with your audience on a personal level. You should also encourage them to sign up for expert guides and video demonstrations.
  • Decision – More research in the form of comparisons with competitors will bring them closer to a decision. Develop side-by-side charts showing the differences between you and other vendors. Case studies and product information (features and benefits) are also important during this stage.

After the Sale

Retention comes from the quality of your products and services. But, did you know that your digital content contributes to retention? It does and how it works is through your continued efforts in educating your clients.

Your digital content needs to continue to engage with your clients after the sale. It needs to update them on current trends and changes within their industry that only an insider will know. Quality content helps them be more productive, more insightful at work.

What Is Quality Content?

The key to quality content is creating an emotional connection. You’re not looking for love at first sight; a “like” is more than sufficient.

The quickest way to get a potential client to like you is to describe a problem they’re having and why it’s happening to them. You know their pain points and the causes of them, as only an expert would. Generally, this strategy begins during the awareness stage, and its intent is demand generation.

A good story is one that can be easily remembered and retold. Some of the best stories are about overcoming obstacles. The legend of Perseus (Clash of the Titans movie) or, more recently, Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame are good examples (there are many, many more), primarily because they describe a journey to overcome major obstacles. Presenting a story about a client’s success will help your potential clients can see the journey ahead of them. It will make them feel better know that others have succeeded.

You can also provide your clients with insightful research on their industry. While you’re educating them, your research will save them time and energy. You become the resource—someone they can depend upon for the latest news and information. Research can be presented in long-format articles (3,000 words or more), whitepapers, and eBooks.

Quality over Quantity

These are only a few suggestions of quality content that shows value. I have developed and implemented a variety of content strategies for businesses and individuals throughout the Tampa Bay region and the United States. Send me your requests for a proposal and let’s get your content marketing off the ground.