I founded 613Creative out of necessity because small businesses in the Tampa Bay area need digital content or they’ll fall behind their competition. Since 2016, I’ve expanded my writing services to include individuals looking to complete their dissertations or expand their expert platforms.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to collect a mix of unique experiences. My portfolio is an eclectic mix, from the technical, such as manuals and peer-reviewed journal articles, to consumer-driven messaging. These have sharpened my skills to deliver more value to my clients than being a simple content provider. The best part is that my clients believe in me and the work I do, and it’s only getting better.

For Businesses, I develop content strategies that improve search engine optimization (SEO) and organic search results. But, the key to great content is engagement. When we focus on engagement as our goal, we can improve the customer experience and the public’s perceptions.

For individuals, I am a writing coach, APA editor, and ghostwriter. I’ve coached doctoral candidates through the dissertation process, which takes several years for most. This experience has been the foundation of my ability to plan, organize, and complete long-format writing projects, such as books and research.

In May of this year, I created a list of completed projects and services for potential clients to see the range of my work. While this list details my experience, it also speaks to the potential I bring to future projects.

Trust a writing professional

Michael Premo, Owner

Writer / Editor / Researcher / Collaborator.

Over my decades of writing experience, I have learned many techniques, styles, and most importantly how to construct a narrative. It’s my passion for writing that keeps me learning more-and-more every year. I attend writing conferences, such as the Association of Writing Professionals, and keep up-to-date with the major style guides: Associated Press (AP), American Psychological Association (APA), and MLA.

Since 1998, I have worked with small businesses (primarily B2B) to develop and implement their advertising campaigns. I’ve worked for several boutique firms and partially owned one for a short period. I have also worked for a Fortune 500 companies in the technology and finance industries. I understand small businesses and what they need, especially when it comes to developing content.

I am a dissertation consultant and writing coach. I have worked with doctors and attorneys to write, design and edit their journal articles, dissertations, and books. I understand how their personal experiences can become narratives through assembling stories about overcoming setbacks and why people can benefit from them. These narratives translate into entertaining and informative works that expand their expert platforms. The entire process involves consulting, ghostwriting, and editing, as well as coaching the expert. I make it easier to write about what you do when you don’t have the time or experience to do it.

Graduate of the Spalding University Masters in Fine Arts and University of Iowa (BA 1997). (Click here to see my LinkedIn Profile).

Content Is a Differentiator

It’s a global economy and businesses need to differentiate themselves among the competition. Content is the best way to do it. 613Creative understands how to increase search engine optimization (SEO) through content management strategies. Your online presence becomes more visible through relevant content – engaging your clients with new and relevant messaging. ​This includes consulting and managing marketing campaigns from conception through completion.

Trust the process to engage with your audience.

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