Prepare Your B2B Content Strategy before a Recession Hits

Marketing, especially for B2B, is one of the first areas to get pulled back during a recession. It makes sense because fewer people are buying, so why spend money on prospects that aren’t interested. This cash flow issue creates a problem for those potential customers who can’t find you. By Michael Premo, Content Specialist During a recession, the amount of “noise” in your product/service category tends to drop. This means that you have the ability to stand above your competition by adding more content to your site. It also projects an image of corporate stability. Focus on organic search Content strategy based on keyword phrases Be an authority Implementation I am making an assumption about your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Without it being [...]

How Your B2B Digital Content Shows Value

By Michael Premo, Content Strategist Quality B2B digital content will show your potential clients the value you bring to the table. They expect it to be online, or they will move on to your competition. So, keep reading if you’re wondering what is meant by quality. Typically, the buyer’s journey encounters three stages of engagement: awareness, consideration, and decision. Your digital content should cover all three: Awareness – Your experience and industry knowledge makes you an expert. Show it through more than just your blog. Ever consider an eBook? How about whitepapers? Displaying your research is one way to show credibility, as well as expertise. Another great thing to do is educate potential customers on a topic that will help them be more productive [...]

5 Quick Tips for Hiring a Content Writer for Your Small Business

Hiring a professional writer is easier and more cost effective than you think. By Michael Premo, Content Specialist Throughout the Tampa Bay region, many small businesses have known for years that they need frequent updates to their website and social media or else Google won’t be able to find them. The problem is that small business owners don’t have the time to post something a couple of times a week or write a weekly blog. Writing takes time and energy, so, if you’re a small business owner, you’ll need someone to do it for you. Employee As Writer What I often find is the task of writing within a small business has been delegated to an employee. This is a Band-Aid solution that often [...]

4 Quick Tips on Using Correct Verb Tense for APA Style

by Michael Premo, Writing Coach A common concern for many people writing their dissertation is using the correct verb tense. The APA Style Guide (6th edition) provides a section on “Smoothness of Expression.” At first, this is relatively vague and confusing. Eventually, the section on verb tense in the APA Style guide will make sense, but you’ll want a more definitive understanding right away, so the tips below should help you. TIP #1: The Basics The key is to keep every sentence within a paragraph in agreement. If the first sentence is in present tense, then the entire paragraph should be in present tense. This is especially important to remember because your Chapter 1 is going to be a jumble of verb tenses: Present [...]

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Follow These Content Strategies for B2B Brands

The difference between B2B and B2C content begins with the sales cycle. Knowing how to engage with customers during it will increase leads and loyalty. By Michael Premo, Writer The style of writing for any blog or other marketing material should be conversational—easy to read yet informative—otherwise you’ll have people scrolling by. So, what’s the difference between B2B and B2C Content? It’s what you say and when you say it (subject matter and timing). Other opinions would add that B2B content is less frivolous, focusing on need-based messaging. This is true yet fails to recognize the buyer as a consumer. Don't they build emotional connections with the brands they choose? Yes, they do. With B2C content the focus is on creating excitement for products/services, [...]

Try These Tips to Overcome Major Challenges in Writing Your Dissertation

Your situation may seem hopeless, but you can get beyond those major challenges to finish your dissertation. by Michael Premo Over the years, I’ve helped a lot of doctoral candidates (over a hundred) experiencing major challenges while writing their dissertation. Many of them had either stalled out or were dead in the water, and, because they waited to get help from a writing coach or APA editor, they were getting dangerously close to no longer qualifying for graduation. That’s years of time, energy, and money going toward nothing. What’s Your Major Challenge? The process of writing a dissertation is difficult. So, when other things get in the way, it becomes next to impossible to complete. Let’s start with defining what a major challenge is [...]

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Checklist to Save Time When Writing Your Dissertation

By Michael Premo, Writing Coach Your dissertation is the longest and most in depth work you’ll ever perform in your academic career and that can be a bit overwhelming.  Writing a dissertation is a lot like writing a book. Both are long, self-directed projects that require years to complete. As a writing coach, I’ve helped hundreds of doctoral candidates get started on a path toward completion. The difference with this checklist that I’m about to share is real-world experience. The writing centers can’t help you save time and energy. They may even do more harm than good, so be careful when reading other blogs or visiting your school’s writing lab. Be a little skeptical, especially when given ambiguous information. Working-Full Time and Trying to Write [...]

Support Your Community Charities This Summer

Charitable organizations need our help, now more than ever. by Michael Premo, Writer Recently, I sponsored a hole for the Saginaw West Lion’s Club golf tournament. Now, in its twentieth year, the tournament is a major fundraiser and get-together for this small club. Even though I moved away from Saginaw in 1992, I still try to support my hometown in any way possible. Today, the Lion’s Club supports their community through a range of services for the blind and vision impaired. They have also expanded their reach through supporting other health and well-being services, such as diabetes and childhood cancer. Unfortunately, charitable giving and volunteering are declining. The amount of small donations and donors have begun to drop. Charitable giving is changing—evolving into a [...]

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Try These Tips to Get Your B2B Content Strategy Up and Running

Content strategy implementation is critical for B2B growth, because more buyers are online and searching for relevant content.

Know When You Need to Hire a Professional Writing Coach

As a professional writing coach, I want to get you organized and motivated, so you can achieve your goals. That’s all it takes. Some motivation, implicit and explicit, and organization. Why does it seem so simple? Because those are the two things that I’ve found to be the most inhibitory for any doctoral candidate or individual writing about their expertise. Book-length works and doctoral theses are long and often cumbersome projects that take years to complete. This is enough to dishearten even the most ardent of people who want to contribute to their field of expertise in a significant way. So, You’re Stuck. Now What? You have a goal in mind. Your expectations are aligned. Why is it so difficult to write it all [...]