How Personalized Content Fits Your Audience

Personalized marketing content works on several levels. It’s the primary driver in organic search that attracts more potential customers at a lower cost than pay-per-click. This content helps further define your brand and brand identity. It also drives brand loyalty because people want to associate and be associated with brands that match their personality. Does It Work? Personalization has become increasingly popular to consumers. A recent report on it showed that 77% of consumers chose brands because of a personalized service or experience. And 73% of businesses using personalization have seen increased customer engagement. This type of marketing improves email open rates by 26% and click-through rates by 97%. As for new customers, personalized content increases lead generation by 60%. Yes, it does work [...]

Dissertation Advice: Planning Your Chapter 4

As an APA writing coach, I have worked with many doctoral candidates (PhD., Ed.D., and DBA) on their chapter four. Regardless if it’s quantitative or qualitative, this chapter presented a lot of concerns for them, primarily with analyzing the data and how it needs to be presented on the page. This is a quick look at some of these problems and how those hurdles can be overcome. Quantitative Analysis - Results For anyone that’s good with math, especially statistics, quantitative is simple and rather straight forward. But not everyone is steeped in statistical knowledge. So, for those of us who don’t fully understand statistics, chapter four ends up being more difficult than our initial impression. Fortunately, there’s not a lot of writing for this [...]

Professional Writing Services: A Plethora of Projects

In May of this year, I reached a milestone—three years in business. Throughout those years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great people on a wide range of projects. Not every writer can say that, so I consider myself fortunate. List of Projects As a writer and consultant, I have also worked with individuals on a variety of projects. These range from long format works, such as book-length publications, to short descriptions and blurbs that entice readers to learn more. For those of you who like to scan things quickly, I’ve divided the list into two categories: Businesses and Individuals. Businesses Content Strategies Blog Posts Sales Presentations Content Management Articles Sales Slicks Websites Case Studies Social Media Campaigns Video Scripts Newsletters Media [...]

Highly Effective B2B Blog Posts Always Have Something in Common

Writing a blog can be as simple as churning out industry tidbits a couple times a week, or taking a month-long look at major events. Either one needs the basic elements for Google to consider it high enough quality for top ranking on SERP. This article gives a primer on what quality writing looks like.

Building a Content Strategy for Organic Search

The goal of organic search is to have potential customers find your business by typing a couple key words. But, we all know that it’s not easy to be found, unless you have a good SEO plan that always includes a content strategy—geared toward long-term results. What Is Organic Search? Any traffic to your website through search engine results that are not paid. Organic traffic is the primary goal of inbound marketing, which relies on planning, implementation and coordination. There are no tricks to increasing your company’s Google quality search rating. And, Google is very clear about their criteria for quality pages. So, a comprehensive content strategy will elevate your company’s position on a results page. A content strategy for better organic search results [...]

SEO: 7 Ways to Build Trust with Google

If you’re a small business owner, you need to know that Google has to trust your site before they position it on a results page. Without that trust, you may fall behind in organic search results. For Google, the basics of organic search begin with E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness). Each of these can be understood in relatively easy terms, but the complexity of implementation is often difficult and convoluted. And small businesses are often at a disadvantage when it comes to proving their expertise and authority. So, one thing they can focus on is being a trustworthy source. Can Your Website Be Trusted? Google has many ways to determine what constitutes a trustworthy website. Staying on top of these is as important as posting [...]

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Inbound Marketing Requires A Content Strategy

Focusing on inbound marketing campaigns drives authentic customer engagement to gain more sales through brand awareness. Because consumers are expecting it more, businesses need to deliver quality content in order to capture more attention in this highly competitive global marketplace.

Look for Content Quality When Hiring a Writer

It’s possible to land at the top of a search engine results page, but it depends upon the quality of content. Businesses should look for experienced, professional writers, who can build strategies and execute with consistency. Be wary of discount writing services and freelance platforms, because you will get what you paid for.

Content Strategy: Getting to the Top of a Search Results Page

It’s possible to land at the top of a search engine results page, but it depends upon a solid digital content strategy for SEO. You have to engage with the public or else stay far behind your competition. Just remember, all of this takes time and consistency.

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