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Prepare Your B2B Content Strategy before a Recession Hits

Marketing, especially for B2B, is one of the first areas to get pulled back during a recession. It makes sense because fewer people are buying, so why spend money on prospects that aren’t interested. This cash flow issue creates a problem for those potential customers who can’t find you. By Michael Premo, Content Specialist During a recession, the amount of “noise” in your product/service category tends to drop. This means that you have the ability to stand above your competition by adding more content to your site. It also projects an image of corporate stability. Focus on organic search Content strategy based on keyword phrases Be an authority Implementation I am making an assumption about your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Without it being [...]

SEO: 7 Ways to Build Trust with Google

If you’re a small business owner, you need to know that Google has to trust your site before they position it on a results page. Without that trust, you may fall behind in organic search results. For Google, the basics of organic search begin with E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness). Each of these can be understood in relatively easy terms, but the complexity of implementation is often difficult and convoluted. And small businesses are often at a disadvantage when it comes to proving their expertise and authority. So, one thing they can focus on is being a trustworthy source. Can Your Website Be Trusted? Google has many ways to determine what constitutes a trustworthy website. Staying on top of these is as important as posting [...]

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List of Writing Services: Not All Business Writing Is the Same

Looking to hire a professional writer for your business? Here is a short list of projects and what type of writer to look for.

Know When You Need A Professional Writer

In general, most of us had good teachers, so we can write well enough to fill a couple paragraphs. This means that we can maintain a blog or social media posts with some frequency. Yet, there may still be a need for a writer to help with a variety of projects.

Authentic Writing Matters

More consumers are looking for more authentic interactions and genuine connections with the products and services in their lives than ever before. It’s a major shift from over a decade ago, when conventional marketing techniques made us feel like we were in on something everybody wanted. Now, corporate messaging needs to be more personal and bigger than what they’re selling. What’s with all the changes? Our connection with the online world has become an integral part of our lives. Over the course of our lifetime, the average person will spend over 5 years on social media. This is a close second to watching TV at nearly 8 years of our lives. Not included in these statistics are time spent online, video games, or virtual reality [...]

Writing Tip: Your Homepage Should Be Compelling

Consumers do their research before going into a store or calling for a plumber. They browse the internet for the perfect fit. This is called the omnichannel, where consumers use multiple sources of information to inform their buying decisions. They’re called omnishoppers. Are you ready for them? Because your homepage is your store front. More importantly, it’s your first impression. Your Homepage It takes 7 seconds to form a first impression when meeting someone in person. Your homepage has this same effect, but you have a little more time because they are actively seeking you out and want to know more. That’s why your content needs to convince them to do more than read further. It has to make them do something—click a link [...]

5 Steps to Writing a Services Page That Converts Leads into Customers

Here are five steps to writing a services page that will convert potential clients into customers.

Writing Advice for Your “About Us” Page

The "About Us" page on your website is critical to building credibility and to provide the foundation of your brand. This page can be a difficult, often daunting task for anyone that doesn't like to write. If that's the case, then here are some tips for writing or updating this important page. Your visitor's first impressions of your About Us page is a complete introduction to the company. Begin with writing down who you are, when you started, and where you’re located (city and state only). That's it. On to #2. Services and products are what you offer, but this is not the area to explain them in detail. That's reserved for the Services page. Write down your products and services. If you offer [...]

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