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4 Quick Tips on Using Correct Verb Tense for APA Style

A common concern for many doctoral candidates writing their dissertation is using the correct verb tense. The APA Style Guide (6th edition) provides a section on “Smoothness of Expression.”  by Michael Premo, Writing Coach For some, the section on verbs in the APA Style guide is relatively vague and confusing, which is surprising when you consider the level of your education. Eventually, the section on verb tense will make sense, become more intuitive, but you should rely on a more definitive understanding and the tips below will help you. TIP #1: Remember The Basics The key is to keep every sentence within a paragraph in agreement. If the first sentence is in present tense, then the entire paragraph should be in present tense. This is [...]

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Try These Tips to Overcome Major Challenges in Writing Your Dissertation

Your situation may seem hopeless, but you can get beyond those major challenges to finish your dissertation. by Michael Premo Over the years, I’ve helped a lot of doctoral candidates (over a hundred) experiencing major challenges while writing their dissertation. Many of them had either stalled out or were dead in the water, and, because they waited to get help from a writing coach or APA editor, they were getting dangerously close to no longer qualifying for graduation. That’s years of time, energy, and money going toward nothing. What’s Your Major Challenge? The process of writing a dissertation is difficult. So, when other things get in the way, it becomes next to impossible to complete. Let’s start with defining what a major challenge is [...]

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Checklist to Save Time When Writing Your Dissertation

Your dissertation is the longest and most in depth work you’ll ever perform in your academic career and that can be a bit overwhelming.  By Michael Premo, Writing Coach Writing a dissertation is a lot like writing a book. Both are long, self-directed projects that require years to complete. As a writing coach, I’ve helped hundreds of doctoral candidates get started on a path toward completion. The difference with this checklist that I’m about to share is real-world experience. The writing centers can’t help you save time and energy. They may even do more harm than good, so be careful when reading other blogs or visiting your school’s writing lab. Be a little skeptical, especially when given ambiguous information. Working-Full Time and Trying to Write [...]

Try These Tips to Get Your B2B Content Strategy Up and Running

Content strategy implementation is critical for B2B growth, because more buyers are online and searching for relevant content.

Know When You Need to Hire a Professional Writing Coach

As a professional writing coach, I want to get you organized and motivated, so you can achieve your goals. That’s all it takes. Some motivation, implicit and explicit, and organization. Why does it seem so simple? Because those are the two things that I’ve found to be the most inhibitory for any doctoral candidate or individual writing about their expertise. Book-length works and doctoral theses are long and often cumbersome projects that take years to complete. This is enough to dishearten even the most ardent of people who want to contribute to their field of expertise in a significant way. So, You’re Stuck. Now What? You have a goal in mind. Your expectations are aligned. Why is it so difficult to write it all [...]

Dissertation Advice: Planning Your Chapter 4

As an APA writing coach, I have worked with many doctoral candidates (PhD., Ed.D., and DBA) on their chapter four. Regardless if it’s quantitative or qualitative, this chapter presented a lot of concerns for them, primarily with analyzing the data and how it needs to be presented on the page. This is a quick look at some of these problems and how those hurdles can be overcome. Quantitative Analysis - Results For anyone that’s good with math, especially statistics, quantitative is simple and rather straight forward. But not everyone is steeped in statistical knowledge. So, for those of us who don’t fully understand statistics, chapter four ends up being more difficult than our initial impression. Fortunately, there’s not a lot of writing for this [...]

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